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GT Veloce

The Giulia Sprint GT Veloce was the successor to the original Giulia Sprint GT. The modifications were minor including a 3 bhp increase in power, but significantly improved torque.

Its distinguishing features are:

  • Badging as per Giulia Sprint GT, with two additions: Round enamel badges on the C-pillar with a Green quadrifoglio (cloverleaf) on an ivory background, and chrome “Veloce” script on rear panel.
  • Grille with black mesh and 3 horizontal chrome bars.
  • Cardboard dashboard similar the Giulia Sprint GT but with imitation woodgrain instead of grey crackle finish (first seen on the GT 1300 Junior).
  • Front seats revised to a mild “bucket” design.
  • Grille heart has 7 bars instead of 6.
  • Stainless steel bumpers, as opposed to the chromed mild steel bumpers on the Giulia Sprint GT. The bumpers are the same shape, but made in two pieces (front) and three pieces (rear) with small covers hiding the joining rivets.
  • Early Giulia Sprint GT Veloces featured the same Dunlop disk brake system as the Giulia Sprint GT. Later cars had the more effective ATE brakes.

A total of 14,240 Giulia Sprint GT Veloces were made before production finished.