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Always Looking For Another

After years of going out to my garage to look at a very rusty and bent Sprint GT project sitting there, I was beginning to think it would be 20 years before I could resurrect it. Along comes a fellow alfa nut friend who is trying to thin out his double digit cars that are crowding his parent’s shed!

He says he feels sorry for me with the rusty project car I have and has a Sprint GT Veloce shell that would give me a head start and a little less money to throw into the pit. Wife negotiations begin (any woman that remains married to an alfaholic is to be appreciated) and the deal is done.

I do a bit of research into which model it is by contacting the Alfa Archives.

It is AR299772 which doesnt even show up in the Fusi lists.
But Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo say:

AR 299772 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce RHD (105.37), manufactured on the 17th October 1967 and sold on the 10th November 1967 to Alec Mildren from Pymble , Australia .

So it really is quite latein production for the 1600 GT Veloce. Probably a bit of crossover with the 1750 Series 1. Other than the bare shell, I did also get the original 1600 which is in a bit of a sad state, some would say its best use is a boat anchor but I will make sure I always keep it with the car even if I dont use it.

One Saturday off I go with my mate on a 4 hour roadtrip to pick it up where it is stored in a warehouse of a government scientific facility in Bundaberg. Not too sure what they do there still…

I am very happy with the where the shell is at as it is in primer, with the underside and engine bay all sealed and painted. The body repairs are still a bit rough but a good start. At first glance I will just need to get a replacement rear lower panel, and maybe a rear right quarter repair panel. Sills appear to be repaired well.