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Travel all over the Countryside

After getting the car home and tucked away it was time to have a good look at what I had bought. It was a lot better than my previous rusty project. The story goes that the previous owner (PO) took the car to a body shop to get a few bits fixed and a new paint job. When he came back a while later to check on the car the shop had completely stripped the car, blasted it to bare metal and were repairing the panels. Interestingly they were lead swiping which isnt used much anymore. He flipped his lid as it was going to cos way more than he anticipated, so he took the car home as is.

The car languished for a while before he decided to move it on. Well so begins its garage/shed-surfing adventure. Over many years it has moved around the state. Rumour has it, it has even been in Papau New Guinea, but I suspect that was when it was road-going. The stalled restoration began in Atherton in the North Queensland Tablelands,then to Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Kingaroy, and now Brisbane.