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At the Body Shop Part 2

Repaired front right guard

I did a few stints at the body shop in the last week or so.   I am doing the dumb grunt work of stripping the paint. They are cleaning it up after I do a section and giving it a coat of epoxy primer. I’ll be happy when I see the end of the engine bay though!

They were able to save my front right guard as well. They got the metal back into the correct shape, and gave it a quick prime which is where it is at in the photo. More work on the guard still to come.

It does make it easy to get into the hard corners of the engine bay with the front panel missing. Once the engine bay is primed. Impact Panelworks will attached my replacement front lower panel and check measurements. The car may require a bit of a stretch on the shop’s new rack to make it straight again.

Driver's side A pillar in epoxy primer

The fiddly job of stripping the engine bay