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What Lurks Beneath

I spent another couple of hours stripping panels yesterday. The good news is the rear right quarter is looking great. There was a layer of bog down the bottom but it was just covering dents and creases with no penetrating holes. The panelbeater was able to pull/beat it back to the correct shape so now it is straight with a very minimal film of filler to get it perfect.

The bad news is the right rear quarter has some nasty rust/repairs at the bottom. The bog was thick here, I’ll have to post a pic of the brick of bog that I removed. There is no saving this bit of metal so I have ordered a patch panel from Highwood Alfa. It’s great that these patches are now available for the sedan and not just the coupe and a good price. Adrian has also filled in my aerial hole and cut the rust out of the A pillar.

A Pillar rust cut out

Nasty rear left lower panel

straight front right guard

Aerial hole filled

straight upper rear left panel

Repaired rear left guard

Front left guard in bare metal