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Paint Stripping Update

Well its still slowly, slowly over here on the Super. It is progressing but I’m having a bit of trouble finding time to get over to the shop to finish the stripping. Still cheaper for me to do it this way so I shouldnt complain!

I’m also still waiting of some metal from Europe – lower right repair panel and a NOS battery tray. Its the early one with the metal side guard that they dont reproduce, yet.

The rear panel looks pretty good. A bit of damage around the bumper mounting holes and a touch of rust to repair but the lower edge is perfect which is nice to find. I also had a win finally getting the last of the hinges and door latches off the B-pillars. Hopefully next visit will be just getting some of the last fiddly bits stripped and then its all in the hands of the pros!

Sorry for the phone photo quality but in the last pic you can see my car staring at a beauty that just arrived for some minor repairs.

The front end has come a long way


progress on the rear panel

A lovely 2000 GTV in the background