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Last of the Metalwork?? Hopefully…

I found a new least-favourite job to do with restoring the body of my car. Drilling out the outer sill spotwelds. Make sure you have sharp spotweld bit, nothing worse than fighting away with a blunt one! I was a bit scared as to what lurked beneath given the dodgy metal repair to the rocker that the PO had done. Pretty sure he wasnt a trade qualified welder…
The good news is the middle sills are actually quite good. A bit of repair required at the front but nothing too nasty. We will have to replace the dogleg panels at the front of the rear wheels and the bottom of the front guards behind the front wheels. Thanks Alfa Romeo for only painting the outside to look pretty and not the rearside of the panels!

Its nice to see the sills nearly done on one side. The repro outer sills are nice but not perfect. Where they fold near the bottom edge of the door doesnt have a consistent radius to it so it will be hard to get a perfect looking bottom door gap. It might be better once the SS sill trim is on.

The boys at Impact Panelworks are doing a great job and I think the final result will be worth it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the doors all hung. Turns out the doors, boot and bonnet were by far the best bits of the car with the least dodgy repairs. Ah well.