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Dynamat Installed

The carpet is now in. I also needed to install some sound and heat proofing on the floor pans since I had removed the factory stuff in able to coat the floors with a sufficient covering that would give me piece of mind with rust protection. I used POR-15 a couple of years ago and it is doing its job very well. It is extremely hard, almost ceramic, non-porous, has a bit of flex to it, and is self-leveling so you can brush it on and it will give a nice shiny finish.

If you do want to remove the factory bituminous sound deadener don’t just try and scrape it off using a heat gun. Buy a bucket of dry ice pellets (very cheap) and sprinkle them over it, leave for 10 minutes, the sound deadener subsequently hardened to brittle level and I just chipped it off to the factory primer. Floor pans were squeeky clean 30 minutes later! Best not to try and grind this stuff off for another reason, and that is that it more than likely contains asbestos…

The Dynamat went down very easily. It is an easy product to work with and is so shiny! Its a pity to cover it up. I sorta think Dynamat is as much about the branding as it is to have a little polo player embroidered on your pocket. I had a look at the local Jaycar electrical store and you can get a very similar product for a lot less. Hard to see that there could be heaps of difference between their performance when they use the same materials. You just miss out on all that Dynamat branding all over your floorpan!

I got some underlay from a moulded carpets place in Underwood which went on top of the Dynamat and then put my carpet on that. I’m just reusing the non-original carpet I had in the car previously as I plan to get the good stuff down the track when I get the seats and door cards retrimmed. All the miss-matched seats and door cards will be vinyl painted black. Gotta keep to a budget, which is next to nothing!