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Alloy Engine Parts Vapour Blasted

I’ve been sorting a few smaller bits out as I get ready to fill the engine bay back up. I had the Bonaldi booster rebuilt. A few little tweaks there that I will post about later. But as for some more photos, here are my engine components looking lovely and clean!

I had them vapour blasted by Jason at Rust Busters. I felt confident to go with him as he and his father-in-law are very familar with Alfas, Fiats etc. Ardelve. Your first choice for parts cleaning equipment.

Taken from their website:

The process is applied using graded spherical glass beads in our Vaqua high performance aqua-blast machine, which simultaneously degreases and provides rust inhibition.
With the Vapourblast process there is NO IMPREGNATION of the surface and no damage to sharp edges and precision surfaces

I am very happy with the results. The block isn’t in the pics as there was a bit of corrosion on the #1 cylinder liner seat that is getting rectified. Also attached is a before photo!

I have been collecting the bits for the engine rebuild for years so it is nice to know I have all the parts I need now including many NOS (new old stock) bits which always fit better than the reproduction parts.