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Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Spider RHD

OWNER: www.veloceclassic.com

COUNTRY: Greece/United Kingdom

DETAILS (if possible include the info from the Alfa Archives): We are pleased to offer:
Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring Cabrio RHD, red/leather black, mod 63, the car is complete, was restored 25 years ago, is rustfree and in driving condition.. A really beautiful project or a car for someone to keep as is. Good money investment. Softtop is missing.
The Alfa Romeo 2600 (series 106) was Alfa Romeo┬┤s six-cylinder flagship produced from 1961 to 1968. It was the successor to the Alfa Romeo 2000. It has become historically significant as the last Alfa Romeo to have been fitted with an inline six-cylinder engine having twin overhead camshafts. That had been the traditional Alfa Romeo engine configuration since the 1920s, but gave way to four-cylinder engines as the factory oriented its production towards more economical mass-produced car models after the Second World War.
The 2600 was introduced in the 1962 Geneva Motor Show,[5] as a sedan with a factory-built body (2600 Berlina), a two-plus-two seater convertible with body by Carrozzeria Touring (2600 Spider), and a coupe with a body by Bertone (2600 Sprint). A convertible based on the Sprint coupe was shown by Bertone in 1963. It was also named 2600 Sprint, but did not enter production. The 2600 SZ (Sprint Zagato) with fastback coupe bodywork by Zagato, and the limited-edition 2600 De Luxe with six-window sedan bodywork by OSI (Officine Stampaggi Industriale) were introduced three years later in 1965 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Note: The car is in Greece!!!
Please contact us on velocesports@yahoo.co.uk or veloceclassic@veloceclassic.com for more information on this beautiful car.

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