Montreal Prototipo Jun15


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Montreal Prototipo

The Alfa Romeo Montreal was born as a “concept car” for the Expo ’67 in Montreal. It was displayed without a name but was soon labelled the ‘Montreal’ for obvious reasons

It is a 2 +2 coupe designed by Marcello Gandini of “Carrozzeria Bertone” It was based off the chassis of the Giulia Sprint Gt and used the engine of 1570cc Giulia Ti (tipo 105.14)
Two prototypes were built, one of which is preserved in the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese.

It was such a hit that AR decided to put it into production. The gestation period was quite long at three years and numerous changes where made. I think many of the pure lines of the prototype were lost and it became too busy, heavy and savage looking. But hey, I guess that happens a lot. Just compare the production Brera to the concept Brera…

Stay tuned for a post on the Monty in production.