Montreal V8 Marine Engine Jun19


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Montreal V8 Marine Engine

The Montreal engine was also adapted for marine applications. It won quite a few competitions too.
It was made to compete in the  2500 race category, so they reduced the bore from 80mm to 78mm to get the engine size down from 2593cc to 2466cc.  the main mods were for the marinized version were the engine supports, the exhaust manifolds
, output couplers and the oil/coolant heat exchanger.
This quad-cam 90° V8 engine weighed 190 kg and was 190 bhp stock. The tuned version was 260 bhp.

Some of the race and record successes of this engine are:

  • Franco Gilberti’s Montreal-powered created 3 world records in this class at Sarino in October 1971Celli and Popoli, Lignano Sabbiadoro and Cremona won races in 1973
  • Frigerio-Lucini won the R4 2500 class world championship at Sabaudia with their  Montreal-powered speedboat
  • Leopoldo Casanova achieved a world record speed of 225 km/h with this engine tuned to 315 bhp at 8800rpm on the Lake of Sabaudia.

As well as the 2500 race series a few engines were used in the crazy offshore racing category. The boats had twin Montreal engines! Caprara and Scalabrin’s speedboat UFO 66 set a new Euro record in this category in 1973

There was also a marine version of the 3-litre Montreal engine which pumped out 340 bhp and then the even more insane
Autodelta version of a 4-litre version of the 33/3 engine which had a staggering 500 bhp for a weight of 180 kg.

The offshore powerboat Dart had two of these engines and could reach speeds of  about 150 km/h.