Alfa Romeo Portello Factory Jun22


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Alfa Romeo Portello Factory

The Alfa Romeo Portello Plant in Portello, Milan, Italy was the first production plant for Alfa. It was the main facility between 1908 and the 1960’s when the Arese Plant was built. It survived in some form until the 1980’s when it was completely closed.  Other manufacturers positioned themselves in Portello around the Alfa factory for obvious reasons. Fiat, Carrozzeria Touring and Zagato were notable neighbours.

The first ALFA to be produced in the Portello factory was the 24HP in 1910 and some of the last were the Giuliettas of the 1950’s. The Portello factory not only built beautiful cars, it was also used for other machinery during the wars along with Alfa Romeo’s other production facilities in Saronno, Naples, Triest and Rome. Some of the machinery produced were tractors, trucks, buses, locomotives, train wagons as well as engines for ships and airplanes.

The Portello factory also got bombed during WW2 for its contribution…

After World War II, the factory was rebuilt with the aim of ‘mass production cars’. So the finely crafted pre-war cars were no more and Alfa Romeos were more affordable to the masses.

In 1954 the Guilietta was the first affordable mass produced Alfa. With the smaller engined 1300 variants it became very popular. The form of the Giuliettas was highly successful due to the top Italian body designers such as Bertone, Pininfarina and Zagato creating the variants.

Production success from 1950 to 1959 had risen 900%, so Alfa Romeo had outgrown the premises. So due to the scale of production and increase in demand a new factory was soon built in Arese which was the birth place of the 105 series Giulia. This modern facility contributed to the demise of Portello.

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