Portello factory bombed during World War 2 Jun25


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Portello factory bombed during World War 2

As with most Italian manufacturing plants, the Alfa Romeo Portello plant was converted to the production of war machinery. Alfa produced aircraft engines, trucks, buses and cars for military use.  It was bombed three times. In 1940,1943 and 1944 which destroyed 60% of the plant. After the heavy bombing it received on the 20th October 1944, it ceased all work. It then resumed limited functionality after the peace treaty was signed but due to the damage sustained was only able to make electric cooking appliances, doors, windows, etc. All the things that Italy needed to rebuild domestically.

Many of the valuable cars were stored(hidden) on a farm at Melzo, to be retrieved once the war was over, and most of the then 8000 workers were involved in the rebuilding of the factory for Auto production.