1966 Giulia Super Australian Road Test Oct05


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1966 Giulia Super Australian Road Test

I have quite the collection of period advertisements and road tests for the Giulia Super. This particular one is a favourite. It was done for ‘Australian Hot Rod’ Magazine! The Giulia’s performance and specs were pretty impressive back in the day. Enjoy the read, with quotes like this it makes you smile to know that Alfa got it so right.

 “… as we were travelling down the road at 50 m.p.h., I said. “seems to rev a bit in top,” I felt perfectly justified. “You’re joking,” says Lock, “we’re still in second and this is a five-speed box.” I said nothing. Just sat there and hung on,…”

“So now I was beginning to realise. This was no ordinary little car. I fact, there was nothing ordinary about it at all. Performance, handling, braking, this car had them all, and then some.”