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Giulia Super 1600 Engine Rebuild

photo1Its been over 9 months since I last posted an update on my Giulia Super restoration. Yes, progress has been slow, but it must be remembered this is on a shoestring budget and tasks only get completed after I sell some excess part that I have to fund it!

I have been collecting the parts for my engine rebuild for 6 years and I can happily say the rebuild is nearly complete. After realising that my car was actually going to come together pretty close to factory correct specifications I decided to rebuild its original 1600 engine. Most Supers seem to have been ‘upgraded’ to a 1750 or 2L engine but you lose some of the charm of the free-revving 1600 by going down that path. Besides the 1600 is plenty quick enough for me an the car’s purpose as a fun family outing car.

The fact that my car still sported its original engine is testament to how reliable these engines can be. You must remember that my car’s odometer has been around the clock ‘at least five times’ according to the previous owner!

I completely stripped the engine down the the bare block and all parts to be reused were completely refurbished.

A list of things done to the bottom end of the engine include:img_3565

  • All alloy vapour blasted
  • Crankshaft tested and linished
  • liner seats honed
  • New pistons and liners
  • Rods had to be balanced, shot peened and rebushed
  • New main and big end bearings
  • Oil pump rebuilt
  • New waterpump
  • Full gasket set

The cylinder head I will be using was purchased a few years ago off a guy that had it rebuilt but never fitted to his never-finished project. It had a fair bit of money spent on it with new valves, springs, guides etc and had been sitting in plastic wrap on his shelf (and then mine) for years. My mechanic was wary of what work had been done so it was decided to send it off to his ‘head guy’ who has been doing his Alfa heads for 35+ years. This guy is also the authorised repairer for Nissan and their head repairs under warranty so he has a quality setup. The head had a few corrosion issues that were rectified and it was stripped down and reassembled.

TheĀ bottom endĀ is quite close to stock, however the head has been ported and polished and has the higher lift cams (10548) out of the 2L 105 series coupes.

Photos of the engine complete on my engine stand at home will follow in the next post.