Sleeping Beauties (& Beasts) Oct22


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Sleeping Beauties (& Beasts)

I thought it apt with the recent re-opening of the Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan that I should do a post on the cars that haven’t quite made it into the shiny museum showrooms.

The Archivio Storico (Museum Archives) have an extensive collection that is kept out of sight. I would dearly love to tour this facility some time but alas it is a difficult proposition.

In this basement is all manner of Alfa Romeo rarities and wonder. There are many forlorn concept cars, experimental engines, and very rare models all gathering dust. Some of the prototypes are integral to Alfa Romeo’s success, like the Tipo 103.

I sit with my mouth agog as I look at the haphazard piles of super rare parts just piled on each other on the shelves.

Just to name a few in these photos, you can see a 6C2300B, 8C 2300, Tipo 103, Arna, Montreal Prototype, Carabo, 164 Procar, Alfetta Rally car, Tipo 33 Stradale

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